Westhill Men's Shed

Make friends, share interests and help our community


Westhill Men’s Shed Raffle

The raffle was drawn at the Gala and raised nearly £2000 for the shed.

A big thankyou to all the prize donators and sponsors for helping this to be such a success.



DIY sessions for women

Closed to new members until autumn


Please register your interest and we will be in touch in August.

If you want to go on the list then email us to get your name added.


Ongoing project program 2017/8

Woodwork: We will need help with our projects for the community, drop in and ask what is going on.

Engineers group: We have  a steam engine to restore, repair mowers rescued from the recycling centre and restore old tool donated to us for a new lease of life in the community.

Tool sales: We have had great success repairing donated tools and selling them- at stalls in Westhill and on Gumtree.

We need men to help with the repair and restoration and to man the stalls.

Model Railway: Is now an exhibition at the Grampian Transport Museum do go and see it. What will they build next?

Bridge club: Will continue to run on Friday mornings, come and join in.

Health topics: Following the successful session on prostate cancer, heart surgery and Alzheimer’s we hope to find more topics. Please suggest any you are interested in.

Social events: Summer BBQ and other evening social events will be arranged.

Community projects: The Press and Journal boxes need helpers and other projects (benches, planters,play and library equipment) are ongoing- just drop

in and ask if you can help.


Join our mailing list and be informed of what is going on ask Nick or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">here


The kettle can go on at any time we also have billiards and snooker at the Shed! Drop in for a game or for a chat.

 To join in a project just come to the shed, drop in to the shed and find out when they will be working on the projects or use the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 




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Everyone is welcome, wherever you live if you can travel to the Shed you can use it for free. So drop in, have a coffee and we'll show you round.
& Friday
10:00 to 4:00
3:00 p.m. to 8 p.m.
every week apart from xmas/new year

You can drop by for a chat anytime, use our workshop to work on your own project or join one of ours. We will be taking ideas from the members about what they would like to do so if you have always wanted to do something but not had the space or like minded people to do it with come along and talk about it.

This website will be kept up to date with the current opening hours. If you are on our email list we will let you know of anything significant going on. To join our list Contact Us.

Where are we?

See the Contact us page for a map and contact details.

What is a Men's Shed?
The Shed combines friendship and hobbies with practical work.

To see our excellent video about what our shed is for  click here.

We would rather turn it than burn it.



  Why Men's Sheds

It has been consistently documented that men do not make friends easily, tending instead to gather acquaintances, many of whom fall away when there is a change in life such as retirement, redundancy, divorce, or bereavement.  Whilst women are the majority at community social events, and can often be found out with their friends socialising over a cup of tea or coffee, men don’t find satisfaction in the same things and find it difficult to regenerate a social life following these life-altering events.  I will revisit this aspect in more detail later in this article.

Men, however, do gain satisfaction from making and repairing things, which they often do in their garage or shed at home.  Be it model-making or other hobbies, woodworking or engineering projects, many men feel at home in this environment, often drawing upon the skills gained from employment.  Providing a community shed means that they will be able to satisfy their desire to make and repair things, with the added advantage of a more sustained and meaningful involvement with their local community, each other, and  their own family.

Say ‘Men’s Shed’ and most people get the concept within a few minutes; single men know they won’t feel awkward on their own, and all men benefit from the new friendships, camaraderie and renewed sense of purpose they find there.  How do we know this?  There is a growing body of research into both the social and personal issues experienced by men, and the role that Men’s Sheds can play in addressing these; furthermore, we have also conducted our own surveys at the Westhill Men’s Shed.  For further details and the background purpose of sheds please see this page. 


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