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X-Stationary Engine and Water Pump

Stationary Engine and Water Pump project

A Lister D engine from 1950 and a Stewart water pump of similar age were donated to the shed in the condition you see here. The engine is in very good condition either not having been run very much or previously refurbished. The pump is also in good condition except for the water side which is very corroded and everything siezed.

We are hoping that a bit of patience, heat, a large press a hammer and a reamer will get it going again.


menshed open week  fri 8feb2013 (8) 400stationary engine in progress 400(4)

Well we did it.

It is now finished - we had a target of getting it going for the BA vintage working weekend and made it with 24 hours to spare.

The set is to be kept at the shed and used at shows for publicity. Below is the completed engine and pump on the trolley.

lister engine and stuart pump completed

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