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Splash windsock.


Splash is a charity that introduces 8-12 year old children to sailing using dinghies that they can manage themselves. They do most of this on Loch of Skene where they need a device showing the wind strength and direction so they can explain how to set the sails. Splash have written a brief which is reproduced below and asked the Men’s Shed if we can build one for them.



“Splash needs a device for showing children what the wind is doing at Skene, ideally both strength and direction.  Over the years we have used various home grown designs of wind sock or wind buoy or wind vane.   A bit like the wind socks at airports, but floating on a pole on the water.   The design criteria are quite challenging, the sock should be quite high off the water, at least 2 metres and preferably 3.  The pole should remain upright in most wind conditions up to force 3 or even 4.  It should be light enough for one person to lift out of the water but robust enough to then be put at the bottom of the rescue boat along with assorted children, bags of buoyancy aids, helmets etc.  Once deployed on the water it should remain in roughly the same position.  It should be robust enough to survive ramming by an Oppi dinghy. 


One design that worked quite well was based on a telescopic fishing rod that could be extended on the water and then retracted for transport back to land and storage.  The base was screwed into a float, which had a rope and small anchor weight, that sat on the bottom of the loch.  Unfortunately the fishing rod broke and after numerous mending attempts last year was declared unserviceable.  Our latest design is based on a Dan buoy, but sea trials yesterday showed the pole may not be quite long enough.  See attached photo from the earlier lab trials.


Our spare wind sock is based on the telescopic pole as shown on this page http://www.kitesuk.com/acatalog/Telescopic_Display_Poles.html where a 3m pole costs £6”

Laboratory testing of one design; however the pole is not long enough in practice.

 splash windsock trial

Above is the completed windsock in use.

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