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 Tools for Self Reliance (see tsfr website)

 We are refurbishing tools to ship to workers in Africa, giving them the tools of their trade and enabling them to make a living.

 We are looking for men from Westhill and the surrounding area to come together and help refurbish a variety of tools that have been donated to us, which will then sent to Africa by the Tools for Self Reliance charity and put to good use helping workers to earn a living. At the first meeting, we shall be laying out a plan of action, getting to know each other over a cup of tea or coffee, and beginning to work on the tools.

 The majority of the tools we shall be working on are wooden or metal hand tools that require no specialist skills to refurbish, although there will be opportunities to work with more complex tools should anyone want to. Some tools just require a good sanding and sharpening, whilst others may need more intensive work. We have all the equipment we need at the Shed to refurbish the tools and get this project going, so it really is a case of bringing yourself along, meeting and having a laugh with local people, as well as contributing to a worthwhile cause.

 If you are interested in getting involved but cannot attend the main session, please contact Marty or Jeremy at the shed to arrange an alternative meeting, or just pop in any time during our opening hours (Monday, 10-4, Wednesday, 3-8, Friday, 10-4). Although the Tools for Self Reliance group will be meeting between 10:00 and 12:00 on Monday, members of the group can come in whenever they have a spare hour or two to work on their tools.

 You can also help by bringing along any old tools you or your friends may have lying about. We have enough tools at the shed to get us going, but we are always looking for more. Have a root around your garage or shed, and if you find something you no longer need, please consider bringing them down to the shed (or contact us to arrange a delivery). With a bit of care and attention, these tools can be revitalised and used to improve people's lives.

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