Computing: When we get broadband (November) we will run informal sessions answering questions on a one to one basis and see how it goes.

We will run information sessions every Wednesday at 6 p.m.- 7 p.m starting on 13th November 2013.

These will start off with a topic to be discussed for max ½ hour followed by Q/A for the rest of the time. The topics will be off the cuff by a guru so don’t think they will be a training course- more an introduction.

Initially topics will be from (and we plan to run in this order):

-          Introduction to PC, Internet connections, Service Providers, www etc.

-          The PC file system, where things are normally kept, how to search the hard drive and find lost files.

-          Use of email

-          Use of Internet

-          Photos

-          Bring your own device

The Q/A sessions may be individual or several if that suits the topic.

We’ll see how that goes and decide what next…


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