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Course 2: Woodturning for Beginners

Men’s Shed course: woodturning continued.

Reinforcing last few demos by combining both centre and faceplate turning . This time we will focus on a Project : small child's three legged stool.

The legs are turned Centre to Centre and the seat is made similarly to a bowl.

Lathe Dates for Tuition

Content          Day         Date                Time

              Centre to Centre            Friday        6th Dec           11am

                      :                 :                                  Mon            9th Dec.         2pm
                 :                :                         Mon          16th. Dec          11am

             Faceplate Work                 Friday        20th Dec.         2pm

Course 1: Woodturning for beginners

No experience needed - this basic course will start with safe use of a woodworking lathe.

The Centre to Centre sessions will include instruction for use of the Roughing gouge, Fingernail Gouge , Skew Chisel and Parting Off Tool. After that you would be able to make anything from a porridge spurtle through a chair leg to a baby’s rattle.

Faceplate work is all about turning bowls.

Approximate time for instruction 1hr, after which our two lathes can be used for practice .

Lathe Dates for Tuition

Content         Day         Date               Time

             Centre to Centre           Friday     8th Nov         2pm

             :               :                       Friday     15th Nov       2pm

            Faceplate Work             Mon         18th Nov     11am

             :                 :                     Mon           25th Nov     11am

And all just in time to make your unique Christmas present!

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